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The Mooney family
The Mooney family is believed to have come from Dublin, Ireland.
Thomas Mooney (18?? - aft 1862)  m: Mary Ann
Teresa Mooney (abt 14 OCT 1834 - 16/5/1919)  m: Alexander William Halliday

Thomas Mooney
18?? - aft 1862
Thomas and his wife Mary Ann were Calum's and Jamie's five times great grandparents.
Little is known about Thomas at present. We know from information obtained from his daughter Teresa's first marriage in Corfu in 1862 that he was married to a lady named Mary Ann. The baptism for this Teresa has been found in Dublin in 1834, and it is possible that she had at least one sister. From a subsequent marriage by Teresa in 1866, in Nenagh, Tipperary, we further learn that Thomas a weaver by trade.
The 1851 Census heads of households list on Origins.net for Dublin City lists three possible candidates for Thomas:
Thomas Mooney, 20 Anglesea Street, St. Andrew's, south of the Liffey
Thomas Mooney, 3 Baggot Street (court off), St. Peter's, south of the Liffey (appears to have been at 6 Baggot Street in 1849, as a signatory of the William Smith O'Brien petition)
Thomas Mooney, 11 Temple Street Lower, St. George's, north of the Liffey
Daughter of Thomas MOONEY and Mary Ann (UNKNOWN):
Teresa Mooney
b: abt 14/10/1834  d: 16/5/1919
Calum's and Jamie's four times great grandmother - see below
Mary Mooney (unconfirmed)
b: abt 25 MAY 1838
A Mary Mooney is noted as having been baptised at St Mary Pro Cathedral on 25 MAY 1838, her parents noted as Thomas and Mary Mooney, though this is not enough to confirm that she was Teresa's sister. The sponsors were John Mooney and Bridget Cudney (Source: IrishGenealogy.ie DU-RC-BA-614633 p.497)

Teresa Mooney
Abt 14/10/1834 - 16/5/1919
Teresa was Calum's and Jamie's four times great grandmother.
According to both the 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses, Teresa was born in the city of Dublin, County Dublin in approximately 1835, and it is known from her marriage certificate that her parents were Thomas and Mary Anne Mooney. The only record that can be found in Dublin for a possible baptism is that of a Teresa Mooney, daughter of Thomas and Mary Anne Mooney, who was baptised on October 14th 1834 at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Pro-Cathedral in Dublin City. The sponsors were James McCormick and Esse Ryan. Teresa was later described as Anglican however, though may have changed religious persuasion prior to her marriage, or perhaps to facilitate it? (Her son Alexander was later recorded as Roman Catholic).
Teresa married Corporal Alexander William Halliday of the 2nd Battalion of the 2nd Regiment of Foot (Queen's) on June 27th 1862 at the Garrison Church in Corfu, deep in the Mediterranean Sea. She was noted as being of full age, a spinster and daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann Mooney. The service was Anglican in nature, performed by Sydney Cluck M.A., Chaplain to the Forces, and the witnesses were James Crabtree and Catherine Elizabeth Johnston.
Alexander's regiment was reposted to Gibraltar and on October 7th 1863 Teresa gave birth to her daughter Florence Teresa Halliday, with Florence baptised by Reverend T. Gardiner, Chaplain to the Forces, on the 11th.
By 1866 the regiment was again reposted, this time to Bermuda, where two key events occurred. The regimental muster roll for Bermuda in Feb/Mar 1866 (TNA: WO 12/2093) shows that Teresa's husband Alexander tragically died on 31st January 1866. Although the death took place in the aftermath of a serious yellow fever epidemic which took many lives from the military unit, there is no indication as to whether Alexander was himself killed by the plague. After all of Alexander's outstanding debts were paid off, Teresa was given just 8 1/2d. At the time Teresa had no doubt just discovered that she was a couple of months pregnant - she gave birth to a son, William, aka Alexander William Halliday, on August 16th, who was subsequently baptised in Bermuda on the 29th by Reverend J. Bullock, the regimental chaplain.
With two infant children to care for, it is perhaps not surprising that Teresa remarried quickly. The marriage took place on 28 DEC 1866 in Nenagh, County Tipperary, Ireland showing that Teresa had almost immediately departed Bermuda after Alexander's birth - indeed, regulations stipulated that widowed women had to leave the unit of their deceased husband within four weeks after his death. Her new husband, William John Burns, had also been on Bermuda, and like her former husband Alexander was also a corporal with the 2nd Battalion of the Queen's Royal Regiment. From the marriage certificate Teresa (noted as Theresa Halliday) was described as widowed and the daughter of Thomas Mooney, weaver, whilst William was a private, second class, with the Queen's regiment, and the son of Allen Burns, also a weaver. Teresa was a widow but William was recorded as a bachelor. The witnesses were an Allen Burns and a James Wilkinson - the service was Church of Ireland in nature, performed after license.
William appears to have been based militarily at Nenagh, and whilst there he reattested for another eleven year stint of service with the regiment. He was discharged from the regiment on January 28th 1870 as being unfit for service. His Chelsea pension papers show that his intended place of residence upon discharge was 29 North Queen Street in Belfast.
Teresa and William had two children between them. The first was Sarah Jordan Burns, born in Rathmines, Dublin on March 1st 1871, showing their stay in the north was brief. At this point Teresa was resident at Church Lane. Sarah was baptised on June 8th 1871, with the baptism record on Irish Genealogy (www.irishgenealogy.ie) noting that the family lived at this point at 14 Wexford Street and that her father was a porter. Their stay in Dublin appears to have been temporary, with their second daughter, Teresa Burns, born in Belfast (urban district no.2), County Antrim, on April 11th 1873 (Source: FamilySearch).
On August 1st 1878 Teresa's son Alexander was admitted to the Royal Hibernian Military School in Dublin. On his Military History Sheet, Alexander's next of kin are reported as Father: William, Mother: Trease (i.e. Teresa), and sisters: Florence and Sarah. There is no mention of his other sister Teresa, and it seems possible that she may have died in infancy - a one year old girl called Teresa Burns was buried in Belfast in 1874 (Source: Ancestry - Death 1874: Belfast Vol 16 p.238). Alexander later went on to serve in the same regiment as his father. Three years later in 1881, Teresa's eldest daughter Florence married Edwin Graham in Barrow-on-Furness in England. 
On February 25th 1892, Teresa's younger daughter Sarah married Benjamin Newsom at the parish church of St. Pauls in the city of Dublin. Whilst he was of full age she was still technically a minor. Sarah's address at the time was 18 Watling Street, and her father was noted as still alive and an engineer (Source: Irish Genealogy www.irishgenealogy.ie DU-CI-MA-46397).
Teresa was noted as being in County Dublin for the 1901 census, listed as a 65 year old widowed Teresa Burns residing at Woodroffe's Cottages at New Kilmainham, Dublin. She was noted as Anglican by way of religious persuasion, a seamstress who could read and write, and born in Dublin City. She was also noted as a widow, but it is not yet known when William died.
Teresa's son Alexander left the army between 1901 and 1911. In the 1911 census he appears in Dublin at 3 Synnott Row, in the Parliamentary division of College Green, in the Inns Quay Ward, where he is noted as a motorman who had been born in Bermuda. Also present in the household were his 39 year old wife Margaret, from County Dublin, to whom he had been married for just two years, and his 75 year old mother, again noted as Teresa Burns. The interesting details concern their religion. Whilst Teresa is noted as of the Church of England, and from County Dublin, both Alexander and his wife are listed as Roman Catholic.
Teresa eventually passed away on 16 MAY 1919, aged 83, at 3 Synnot Row, Dublin. Her death record notes that she was the widow of a soldier, and that the cause of death was senile decay and asthma. The informant to the registrar on the following day was May kelly, resident at 15 Dorset Row (GROI D 1919 Q2 Vol 2 p.423). Teresa was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin. Her burial record records her date of death as 16 MAY 1919, with her address at time of death again given as 3 Synnot Row, Dublin. Teresa was buried in lair VH 265 in the St. Bridget's section of the cemetery (Source: Glasnevin Trust website).
Quite what Teresa made of the Easter Rising in the city some three years earlier we may never know!
Children of Teresa MOONEY and Alexander HALLIDAY:
Florence Halliday
b: 7/9/1863  d: 18/9/1911
Florence was Calum's and Jamie's great great grandmother - see Halliday page.
Alexander William Halliday
b: 16/8/1866  d: aft 1911

Children of Teresa MOONEY and William John BURNS:
Sarah Jordan BURNS
b: 1/3/1871  d: Jul-Sep 1895
Sarah was born at Church Place, Rathmines, Dublin, on 1 MAR 1871. Her father was noted as William John Burns, a porter for a wine merchant, and her mother as Theresa Burns, formerly Halliday. Theresa was the informant to the registrar on 20 MAR (Source: GROI B 1871 Group Reg ID 11696018 Dublin South). She was baptised on 8 JUN 1871, with the baptismal record on Irish Genealogy (www.irishgenealogy.ie) noting that her family lived at that point at 14 Wexford Street, with her father again noted as a porter.
Sarah married Benjamin Newsom, a labourer from 18 Black Street in Dublin, on February 25th 1892, with her own residence noted on Irish Genealogy as being at 18 Watling Street. The ceremony was performed at the Anglican parish church of St. Paul's in Dublin, with witnesses listed as Frederick Newson and Lydia Ann West. No occupation is given for Sarah, who is noted as a minor. Her father William was now noted as an engineer, with Benjamin's father, also called Benjamin, described as a labourer (Source: Marriage - Irish Genealogy DU-CI-MA-46397).
The couple had two children, before Sarah sadly died in Dublin in Jul-Sep 1895, aged just 24 (GROI D 1895 Q3 Dublin Vol. 2, p.500).
Her husband soon remarried to an English Roman Catholic woman called Elizabeth, in Jan-Mar 1901 (Source: GROI B 1901 Q1 Dublin North Vol. 2 p.516). The family shortly after appears in the 1901 census at 10.6 Montpelier Hill, Arran Quay, Dublin. Benjamin Newson senior is a 38 year old Anglican gardener domestic servant, Elizabeth is a 23 year old Roman Catholic from England, and the children are Florrie, and 8 year old scholar, and Benjamin, a six year old scholar (both Anglican and able to read and write). (Source: NAI 1901 census.)
Ten years later, the family has grown considerably. Now based at 18 Findlater Street, Dublin (still at Arran Quay), Benjamin senior is a 48 year old garden labourer. Eliza is 34, and Benjamin junior is a 17 year old unemployed tailor. Both Benjamins are still Anglican and Eliza still Roman Catholic. The family has now expanded, however, with six more children, all raised as Catholics - Kathleen (age 9), Ernest (age 7), Annie (age 6), Sarah (age 4), Mary (age 2), and Rosalina (age 6 months). (Source: NAI 1911 census).
Benjamin appears to have died in north Dublin in Jul-Sep 1927 (Source: GROI D 1927 Q3 Dublin North Vol. 2 p.244, age 65)
CHILDREN of Sarah BURNS and Benjamin NEWSOM:
Florence Mary Teresa Newsom
b: 14/11/1892
Florence was born on 14 NOV 1892 and baptised in the parish of St. Paul, Dublin, on 15 FEB 1893. Her father was noted as a gardener, and the family address as 63 Benburb Street. The officiating minister was the Reverend Mahaffy (Source: IrishGenealogy.ie).
Benjamin Thomas Newsome
b: Jul-Sep 1894
Benjamin was born in Dublin North Jul-Sep 1894 (Source: GROI B 1894 Q3 Dublin North Vol. 2 p.495). The baptismal record notes he was born on 23 JUN 1894 at 10 Montpleier Hill, Dublin, and baptised at St. Paul's Church of Ireland on 4 JUL 1894. His parents were Benjamin and Sarah and his father noted as a gardener (Source: IrishGenealogy.ie Record DU-CI-BA-177384 Image d-273-2-1-136).
Benjamin was noted in the 1901 census at Montpelier Hill with his father, stepmother and sister Florrie. In 1911 he is located at 18 Findlater Street, Dublin with his fathewr, stepmother and six sisters (not including Florrie, who is absent).
Kathleen Newson
b: abt 1901 
Ernest John Joseph Newsom
b. Apr-Jun 1903
Annie Mary Newsom
b. Jan-Mar 1905
Sarah Christina Newsom 
b. Oct-Dec 1906
Mary Bridget Newsom
b. Oct-Dec 1908
Rosaline Newsom
b. Oct-Dec 1910
Teresa BURNS
b: 11/4/1873 
Teresa was born at 55 Lancaster Street in Belfast, County Antrim, on 11 APR 1873. Her father was noted as William John Burns, labourer, and her mother as Teresa Burns, who also acted as the informant on 1 MAY. (Source: GROI B Group Registration ID 10786240 Belfast Urban No.2).