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The Mitchell Family

This branch of the Mitchell family has so far only been traced back to County Fermanagh in 19th Century Ireland, with more work needed to be done to take them back further.

The following Mitchells are known to be related to Calum:

John Mitchell (abt 1788 - bet 1832 and 1862) married Ann Wilson
John Mitchell (1817-5/4/1843) - unconfirmed
Jane Mitchell (1828-20/3/1916) married George Morrow
Susan Mitchell (1833-27/10/1874) married James Graham
Luke Mitchell (31/5/1835-aft 1880) married Katie Flynn
Frances (Fannie) Mitchell (1835-10/1/1864) married William Graham
Mary Jane Mitchell (1840-1875) - unconfirmed
Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell (13/4/1841 -2/11/1907) married William Graham

NB: Family history charts can be accessed at http://www.tribalpages.com/tribes/chrispaton

John or William Mitchell - unconfirmed
17?? - 1???
This member of the Mitchell family was Calum's Jamie's and Pippa's five times great grandfather. It is believed that he was called John or William, from the fact that two gents of these names are noted as freeholders of Breacho (Breagho) townland, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh, Ireland, in 1796 (Source: PRONI D1096/92/1).
This ancestor is believbed to have been father to John Mitchell of Breagho (born abt 1788), and also to Andrew Mitchell of the same townland. The evidence for this comes from a DNA match between Calum's and Jamie's father and a confirmed descendant of Andrew called Norma Grove, with whom he shares 21cM of autosomal DNA. 
Further circumstantial evidence comes from the naming of Andrew's son as George Henry Mitchell, with John himself having two grandsons called George Henry Graham (born in 1854 and 1864), and a further grandson called George (born 1870).
Children of John or William MITCHELL:
John Mitchell
b: abt 1788
Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's four times great grandfather - see below.
Andrew Mitchell
b: abt 1794
Not a lot is known of Andrew, although he does appear in the Breagho tithe applotment records of 1832 alongside John.
Children of Andrew MITCHELL:
George Henry Mitchell - DNA match
b: abt 1814
George was born in Ireland in about 1814. He married Anna and had several children in Bridgeport, Fairfield, Conecticut, USA.
George's descendant Norma Grove was found to be a DNA match in July 2019, at 21cM, via AncestryDNA.

John Mitchell 
abt 1788 - bet 1832 and 1862

John was Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's four times great grandfather.

John was a farmer in County Fermanagh, who lived close to Enniskillen in the townland of Breagho, where he was located in the tithe records from 1832.

At some point in the 19th Century, prior to 1828, John married Ann Wilson. As Ann died in 1872 aged 84, putting her birth year at about 1788, we can presume John to have been born at some stage around that point also.

On May 20th 1846, John was listed in his daughter Jane's wedding certificate as a labourer.

The fact that John's wife Ann was noted as the farmer at Breagho in Griffiths Valuation in 1862 suggests that John was deceased by this point. John does not appear to have left a will.


John Mitchell
b: abt 1817  d: 5/4/1843
John died in Breacho townland, parish of Enniskillen, and was buried on 5 APR 1843, aged 28. His death was recorded in the Kilskeery Church of Ireland records in County Tyrone (PRONI: MIC 1/6/ Kilskeery C of I).
Jane Mitchell
b.1828  d.20/3/1916
Jane was Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's four times great grandmother - see below.
Susan Mitchell
b: 1833  d: 27/10/1874
Susan was born in approximately 1833 in County Fermanagh, Ireland.
At Saint Macartins Church of Ireland, Enniskillen, on 5 FEB 1854, Susan married James Graham, a servant of full age resident at Floraville, Enniskillen, and son of George Graham, farmer. Susan was herself also resident at Floraville, of full age, and noted as the daughter of John Mitchell, farmer (Source: GENI M/1854/V1/1534/2/33 Enniskillen).
In the 1855 state census for Massachusetts, Susan was recorded in Boston as aged 22, with James listed as a 21 year old waiter. Also in the house was George H. Graham, aged 9 months. James and Susan were both noted as Irish, with George born in Massachusetts.  
In the 1860 census for Canton, Massachusetts, Susan was noted as a 25 year old woman from the USA, with James as a 29 year old Irishman. Three year old Fanny Graham was also present.
In the 1865 state census for Massachusetts, Susan is noted in Canton as a 30 year old Irish woman, married to 28 year old James Graham, a coachman. Also present were 7 year old Fanny, 5 year old Emma J, and 2 year old James H.
In the 1870 census for Canton, Norfolk county, Massachusetts, Susan is noted as a 38 year old married woman from Ireland 'keeping house'. Her husband James was a 35 year old Irish coachman, and she had four children - 12 year old Fanny (at home), and three scholars, 9 year old Emma J, 7 year old James junior, and 5 year old Abraham L (Source: FamilySearch, United States Census, 1870, Canton, Norfolk, Massacusetts p.44, family 383, NARA microfilm publication M593 (Washington D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.); FHL microfilm 552,133).
Susan died on 27 OCT 1874 in the town of Canton, Massachussetts, USA, the cause being cancer. The record notes that she was born in Ireland, with her parents listed as John Mitchell and Anne Wilson, that she was married, and aged 41 when she passed away.
George Henry Graham
b: 21/9/1854
George was born on 21 SEP 1854 at 44 S. Grove, Boston, Massachusetts. His father was James Graham, a waiter, and his mother Susan, with both parents Irish (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915, George Henry Graham, 1854).
George was noted as 9 months old in the Boston 1855 census (recorded on 1 JUN 1855).
Ann Elizabeth Graham
b: 8/12/1855
Ann was born on 8 DEC 1855 at 44 Grove, Boston, Massachusetts. Her father James Graham was a waiter, her mother was Susan, with both parents noted as Irish (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915, Ann Elizabeth Graham, 1855).
Fanny Graham
b: abt 1858
Fanny was born in Massachusetts, USA, in about 1858. She was noted in the 1870 census for Canton, Norfolk, Massachusetts as being 'at home' with her parents, and aged 12.
James Graham
b. abt 1863
James was born in Massachusetts, USA, in about 1863. He was noted in the 1870 census for Canton, Norfolk, Massachusetts as being 'at school', and aged 7.
Emma J. Graham
b: 1/7/1860
Emma was born on 1 JUL 1860 in Canton, Massachussetts, USA. Her birth record notes her father to be a coachman, and both parents to be from Ireland (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births and Christenings, 1639-1915; Emma Graham 1 JUL 1860, Canton, Massachusetts, ; FHL microfilm 1,428,238).
In the 1870 census for Canton, Emma was listed as 9 years old and 'at school'.
Albert L. Graham
b: 15/3/1865
Albert was born on 15 MAR 1865 in Canton, Massachusetts, USA. In the record his father was noted as a coachman, and both parents as being Irish (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915; Albert L Graham 1865, Canton, Massachusetts)
In the 1870 census for Canton, Albert was noted as 5 years old and 'at school'.
Luke Mitchell
b: 31/5/1835  d: aft 1880
Frances (Fannie) Mitchell
b: abt 1835  d: 10/1/1864
Frances, more colloquially known as Fannie, was born in County Fermanagh, Ireland in about 1835, and emigrated to the USA in the 1850s.
Fannie married William Graham in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, on 22 NOV 1857. In her marriage record she was noted as aged 22, and the daughter of John Mitchell. Her 21 year old husband William was a 21 year old laborer, and son to George Graham. Both were from Ireland. The celebrant in Boston was Charles Mason (Source: Family Search. Massachusetts Marriages 1841-1915 William Graham and Fannie Mitchell, 22 Nov 1857; Boston, Massachusetts, United States, State Archives, Boston; FHL microfilm 1,433,016).
In the 1860 US census, Fannie found in the 6th ward of Boston city, Suffolk county, Massachusetts as a 27 year old Irish woman, married to 23 year old Irish laborer William, as well as two children born in Massachusetts - 4 year old Robert and 1 year old William (Source: FamilySearch, United States Census, 1860 census, 6th Ward Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, p.214, Fanny Graham).
Fannie died in childbirth at 'P. St near Fourth', Boston, on 10 JAN 1864. Her death record notes that her maiden name was Mitchell and that her parents were John and Ann - both she and her parents were noted as being Irish. The cause of death was peritonitia, as suffered for four days (Source: FamilySearch: Massachusetts Deaths, 1841-1915, Fanny Mitchell Graham, 10 Jan 1864; Boston, Massachusetts, v.176 p.6, State Archives, Boston; FHL microfilm 960,185).
Fannie's widowered husband William subsequently married her sister Sarah in Nov 1864 (see below).
Robert Graham
b: abt 1856
William Graham
b: 1859
Margaret Jane Graham
b: Mar 1861
Margaret was born in March 1861 at 44 Grove, Boston, Massachusetts, her parents' usual residence being 4th Avenue. Her father William was a laborer, her mother was Fanny, and both were Irish (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915; Margaret J. Graham 1861, Boston, Massachusetts).
George Henry Graham
b: 10//1864
George's mother Fanny died whilst giving birth to her son on 10 JAN 1864 at 'P. Street', Boston, Massachusetts. In his birth record George's father William was listed as a laborer (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915; George H Graham 1864, Boston, Massachusetts).
Mary Jane Mitchell
b: abt 1840  d: abt 1875
Sarah Elizabeth Mitchell
b: 13/4/1841  d: 2/11/1907
Sarah was born in Fermanagh in 1841, and later emigrated in 1862 to the United States, where she initially settled in Boston, Massachusetts.
Sarah married William Graham on 1 AUG 1864. The marriage record incorrectly notes Sarah as being 28 years old, but correctly identifies her as the daughter of John and Ann Mitchell. Her husband William was a 27 year old gardener, and this was his second marriage - his first having been to Sarah's sister Fanny (Frances) Mitchell. William's parents were George and Margaret Graham. J. I. S Coolidge officiated (Source: Family Search. Massachusetts Marriages 1841-1915 William Graham and Sarah Mitchell, 01 Aug 1864; Boston, Massachusetts, United States, State Archives, Boston; FHL microfilm 1,433,022)
In the 1880 census Susan was noted as resident in Natick, Massachusetts. She was stated to be 38 years of age, and her occupation as 'keep house'. Her parents were stated to be Irish, and she was noted as being unable to write. Her husband William was a 39 years old gardener, and he was stated to have parents who were Scottish, although he was born in Ireland. Also present in the house were the following children, all born in Massachusetts: Elizabeth, aged 12, attending school; George, aged 10, attending school; Edward M., aged 7, attending school; Albert W., attending school; and Charlotte E., aged 2.
Sarah passed away at Natick, Massachussetts, on 2 NOV 1907, the cause being Addison's Disease, as suffered for six months. The record notes that she was 66 years, 6 months and 20 days old, that her husband was William Graham, and that her parents were John Mitchell and Ann Wilson, both of Ireland.
Sarah was buried at Dell Park Cemetery, Natick, a day later. The informent to the registrar was her husband (Source: Commonwealth of Massachussets death records, Ancestry.co.uk)
Elizabeth Graham
b: abt 1868
Elizabeth was noted with her parents in the 1880 census in Natick, Massachusetts, which listed her as a 12 year old scholar (Source: FamilySearch, US 1880 Census, Natick, Massachusetts).
George Graham
b: 23/9/1870
George was born in Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts, on 23 SEP 1870. His birth record notes that his father was a laborer, and that both parents were from Ireland (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915; George Graham 1870)
George was noted with his parents in the 1880 census in Natick, Massachusetts, which listed him as a 10 year old scholar (Source: FamilySearch, US 1880 Census, Natick, Massachusetts).
Edward W. Graham
b: abt 1873
Edward was noted with his parents in the 1880 census in Natick, Massachusetts, which listed him as a 7 year old scholar (Source: FamilySearch, US 1880 Census, Natick, Massachusetts).
Albert W. Graham
b: 2/11/1875
Albert was born in Sherborn, Massachusetts, USA, on 2 NOV 1875. His forename and sex were not listed, but his birth record notes that his father was a laborer, and both parents were from Ireland (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915; Graham 1875).
Confirmation that this was indeed Albert comes from the 1880 census in Natick, Massachusetts, which notes him as a 5 year old scholar resident with his parents (Source: FamilySearch, US 1880 Census, Natick, Massachusetts).
Charlotte Etta Graham
b: 10/4/1878
Charlotte was born in Natick, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA, on 10 APR 1878. Her birth record notes that her father was a gardener, and that both parents were from Ireland (Source: FamilySearch, Massachusetts Births, 1841-1915; Charlotte Graham 1878)
Charlotte was noted with her parents in the 1880 census in Natick, Massachusetts, which listed her as 2 years old (Source: FamilySearch, US 1880 Census, Natick, Massachusetts).

Jane Mitchell
1828 - 20/3/1916

Jane was Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's three times great grandmother.

Jane was born in 1828 near Enniskillen in Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, although it is not yet known exactly where.

Jane married George Morrow in Ardess Parish Church, in the parish of Magheraculmoney, County Fermanagh, on 20th May 1846, the marriage having taken place at Ardess Church of Ireland, and registered in Enniskillen. At the time of the wedding, George was listed as being of full age and as being a labourer living in Tattykeel, with Jane listed as resident in Ardess. The witnesses to the marriage were two relatives of Jane's, Edward Mitchell and Luke Mitchell, with the officiating minister being the Reverend Frederick McCullagh (GRONI: Enniskillen/Bk1/p.13). 

The couple moved to Scotland at some stage prior to the birth of their first child, James, in 1865, who was later to become a carter and labourer in Glasgow, followed two years later by Elizabeth, who worked as a steam loom weaver at the local cotton mill in Glasgow, and then Ellen in 1875 who was also to become a weaver.

Jane's mother Ann passed away on 18 MAR 1872 at 'Barcocha' (Breagho) townland in Fermanagh, the cause of death being old age, she having 'died suddenly' at the age of 84. She was noted as a farmer and as a widow. The informant to the registrar on 29 MAR 1872 was her daughter Jane Morrow, of Formal - Jane was illiterate and signed with an X (Source: GRONI/GENI D/1872/114/1013/5/320 Enniskillen).

From 1886, the family was listed in both the electoral registers and the 1891 census as having residence at 136 Bernard Street in Bridgeton, a tenement which no longer exists. The tenement flat remained in the family's possession until 1918.

George's widow Jane moved into her son-in-law Robert Currie's house at 35 Dunn Street in Dalmarnock, where she is listed in the 1901 census (GROS: 1901/644/1/17 p.21). Her daughters Ellen and Lizzie were there also. A few years later the household had moved to 187 1/2 Dalmarnock Road.

In the 1911 census, recorded on April 2nd, Jane was still noted as living at 187 1/2 Dalmarnock Road with her daughters Lizzie and Ellen, and Lizzie's family. She was noted as 87 years old, living on private means, and Irish (SP 1911 644/01 008/00 021).

On 20 March 1916, half way through the First World War, Jane died of pulmonary congestion and senility (GROS D 1916/644/1/218). This was some 23 years after her husband died. In the record her age was given as 88, which is not bad as that implies it took her five years to age by just a year! The death was certified by Doctor Robert Morton.(Register of deaths, RD: 644/1 Ent: 218) The informant to the registrar was her daughter Elizabeth. Jane did not leave a will.



James Morrow
b: 1865


Elizabeth Morrow
b: 1867  d: 1949/1950

Calum's and Jamie's great great grandmother - see Currie page.


Ellen Morrow
b: 1875


Connecting to Calum, Jamie and Pippa

Jane Mitchell married George Morrow in 1846

Daughter, Elizabeth Morrow, married Robert Currie
in 1899

Daughter, Jane Currie, married Charles Paton in 1934

Son, Colin Paton, married Charlotte Harper Graham in 1969

Son, Christopher Mark Paton, married Claire Patricia Giles in 2000
(Sons, Calum Graham Paton and Jamie Christopher Paton)

Son, Colin Graeme Paton, married Mellie Warner in 2013 (Daughter, Pippa Louise Paton)