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The Henderson Family (2)
This branch of the Henderson is found in late 19th Century County Derry in Ireland. Members of the family so far known about are:
Robert Henderson (18?? - 18??)
Eliza Henderson  (Abt. 1824 - Aug 1912)  m: Robert Curry

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NB: Family history charts can be accessed at http://www.tribalpages.com/tribes/chrispaton

Robert Henderson
18?? - after 1853
Robert Henderson was Calum's and Jamie's four times great grandfather.
Little is known of Robert just yet. He was recorded as being a pensioner in the marriage entry for his daughter Eliza in January 1853. This most likely means that he was a former soldier, and therefore a pensioner of the Royal Chelsea Military Hospital in London or the Royal Kilmainham hospital in Dublin.
It is not known if Robert was originally from the parish of Currin in Co. Londonderry - simply that his daughter was based there when she married in 1853. However, Eliza's husband was not from Currin, but neighbouring Termoneeny, so they certainly married in Eliza's church. Unfortunately no baptism records have survived for Currin Presbyterian Church, only marriages, but no other marriages from the period have been detected in the region with a Robert Henderson as the father of one of the marrying spouses. 
The burial records for the Church of Ireland parish church of Maghera note that a Robert Henderson of Currin was buried on 11 NOV 1842, aged 54 (Source: PRONI MIC1/20/1). Eliza's marriage record certainly provides no indication that her father was deceased when she wed in 1853, but it is possible that this was him. However, thanks to a few DNA matches it seems more likely that this was an older member of the family, possibly Robert's father or an uncle.
In June 2022 a match was made between the boys grandfather Colin Paton (Carrick Seadog) and William Roberts on AncestryDNA, suggesting a 2nd to 3rd cousin match. The match was definitely on the Currie/Henderson line of his tree, and the only family line to fit on William Roberts tree was that of the Hendersons. William's grandfather was shown to be a Wiliam James Short Henderson from Co. Londonderry, born abt 1839. From further research it has been suggested that his parents were Robert Henderson (b. 1810) and Annie Nolan (b.185), which is currently being pursued, and which would suggest him to be Eliza's brother.
In addition seems to be a sister called Margaret Henderson, who married a James Currie - two sisters perhaps marrying to two cousins?
Eliza Henderson
b: abt 1835
Eliza was Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's 3 x great grandmother - see below.
William James Short Henderson - to be confirmed
b: abt 1839
A DNA match between William Roberts, in June 2022, suggests that Carrick Seadog (Colin Paton) is a 2nd to 3rd cousin. The Henderson line is the only posisbility identified from his tree, and other DNA matches.
William Henderson, aka James Short, served with the 24th New York Cavalry in the US Civil War, on the Union side. Several trees note him to be the son of Robert Henderson and Annie Nolan, from Co. Londonderry, but no primary evidence for this has as yet been located.

Eliza Henderson
Abt. 1835 - 24/8/1912

Eliza was Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's three times great grandmother.

Eliza's burial record notes that she was 88 when she died, placing her birth at 1824, but her marriage notes she was 18 when she married in 1853, placing her birth in 1835. The marriage is more likely to be accurate, with Eliza as the informant, and with her husband haviung been born in 1831.

Eliza grew up in her teens to work as a weaver in the parish of Currin, Co. Londonderry. According to her marriage certificate, at the age of 18, on January 29th 1853, she married Robert Curry, son of farmer Jackson Curry, at Curran Presbyterian Meeting House in the parish of Maghera, Magherafelt, Co. Londonderry, Ireland (source: Emerald Ancestors website, uncited). Her father was noted as a pensioner, the witnesses were James Curry and James Brown, whilst the minister was the Reverend James McKee.

In 1887 Eliza and her husband took up a tenancy of the Schoolhouse in Cabragh, which had been rated at 11 annually in Griffith's Valuation in 1859. Following her husband's death, she took the tenancy under her own name in 1899.

Two years later Eliza was noted as a 56 year old widow in the 1901 census, with her occupation noted as 'caretaker', which would imply the reason for the move to the schoolhouse. She was noted as born in Co. Derry, a member of the Irish Church, able to speak English only (no Irish) and able to read but not write. Also present in the house were her 36 year old daughter Isabella Curry, an unmarried farm servant who could not read or write, her grandson Samuel Curry (19 year old Methodist farm servant unable to read or write, her granddaughter Annie Jane (18 year old Methodist who could read and write), her 25 year old daughter Hannah Wylie (married, Irish Church and able to read and write), granddaughter Maggie Wylie (7, scholar, able to read), grandson William J Wylie (5, scholar, unable to read and write), grandson Joseph Wylie (3, scholar, unable to read and write), and 1 year old grandson Herbert Wylie. All were from Derry, except Herbert, who was born in County Meath.

The house is noted from the enumerator's return (Form B) as being in Cabragh townland, in the barony of Loughinsholin, parish of Termoneeny, district electoral division of Rocktown, poor law union of Magherfelt, and the parliamentary division of South Derry. The landlord of the Schoolhouse building was Thomas Ash, who owned several properties in the townland. The house had five windows at the front, and six occupied rooms, with nine family members in residence. It was noted as a second class private dwelling, and in Form B2 it is also shown to have several outhouses, in the form of a cowhouse, calfhouse, piggery and barn. The census was carried out on March 31st 1901, and the enumerator was Constable Thomas Quigley of the Royal Irish Constabulary of Magherafelt Constabulary Division.

Ten years later, Eliza was still in Cabragh, now listed as aged 78 (something of a leap from 56!). She was still a widow and still only able to read, but is now noted as a Presbyterian. Her daughter Isabella Currie is still with her, now noted as 49 and Presbyterian, unable to read and write, and her grandson Joseph McLean was present, aged 8, Church of Ireland, a scholar able to read and write, and also from Co. Derry. Also present was a 58 year old boarder, a seamstress called Martha Jane Procter, Church of Ireland, able to read and write, and from Derry.

The house now had six windows at its front, and five occupied rooms, with four family members in residence. The owner of the property, still listed as second class, was now noted as Eliza herself. There were still outhouses, this time in the form of a cow house, piggery and fowl house. The enumerator was Constable Thomas Burns of Magherafelt Constabulary District.

Eliza passed away on 24 AUG 1912, the cause being cardiac disease, as suffered for months. She was noted as a widow, aged 88 and a caretaker. The informant to the registrar on 2 SEP 1912 was her grandson Samuel Martin, present at her death and also resident in Cabragh (Source: GRONI D/1912/179/1022/18/457 Bellaghy - GRO ref is GROI D 1912 Q3 Vol 1 p.436 Magherafelt). She was subsequently buried on the 25th in the same plot as her husband, the church record again noting she was aged 88 (Source: PRONI MIC583/7, C.I. Termoneeny burials).


See Currie page.

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Connecting to Calum and Jamie

Eliza Henderson married Robert Currie in the late 19th Century.

Son, Robert Currie, married Elizabeth Morrow in 1899.

Daughter, Jane Currie, married Charles Paton in 1934.

Son, Colin Paton, married Charlotte Harper Graham in 1969.

Son, Christopher Mark Paton, married Claire Patricia Giles in 2000.

Sons, Calum Graham Paton and Jamie Christopher Paton.