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The Beggs Family
There has been only one member of the Beggs family identified in our ancestry so far:
John Beggs (1806 - 17/2/1879)
Agnes Beggs (abt 1845 - 6/3/1918)  m: David Bill
Rose Beggs (abt 1859 - 27/4/1938) m: Hugh Semple

John Beggs
b: abt 1806  d: 17/2/1879
John was Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's five times great grandmother.
Little is known of John just now, except that he was a labourer and that he lived initially within the parish of Templepatrick, Co. Antrim, Ireland, and later in Kilbride parish. He was married to Jane Groogan.
John died on 17 FEB 1879 at Burnside, Kilbride. In his death certificate he was noted as married, age 73 and a labourer. The cause of death was bronchitis, from which he suffered for 17 weeks, though this was uncertified. His daughter Rose Beggs, also resident at Burnside, was the informant on 24 FEB 1879 (Source: GRONI D/1879/5/1001/5/13).
John's wife Jane survived until 28 MAR 1890, when she passed away at Douglasland, Kilbride, aged 71. The cause of death was bronchitis, as suffered for 21 days. Her son-in-law Hugh Semple was the informant to the registrar in Doagh later the same day (Source: IrishGenealogy.ie: 1890 D Group Reg ID 6995923 Antrim).
Children of John BEGGS and Jane GROOGAN:
Agnes Beggs
b: abt 1845  d: after 1911
Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's four times great grandmother - see below.
Martha Beggs - unconfirmed
b: abt 1847
Noted as the witness to Agnes' wedding, but relationship unconfirmed (see below).
John Beggs
b: 15/2/1851
Robert Bingham Beggs
b: 6/3/1853
Robert was noted as a witness to Rose Beggs' wedding to Hugh Semple in 1881.
Robert married Marie Anne Harbison, daughter of Thomas Harbison, farmer, on 4 JUN 1883 at Kilbride Presbyterian Church, with both noted as being of full age and resident in the townland of Ballyvoy. Robert was further noted as a labourer, and son of John Beggs, labourer. The witnesses were Thomas Beggs and Christina Mayne, whilst the minister was the Rev Robert Allison (Source: IrishGenealogy, M, Group Reg ID 2236867 SR District Antrim).
Rose Beggs
b: 5/4/1855  d: 27/4/1938
Rose was noted as the daughter of John Beggs, labourer, in her marriage record. She married Hugh Semple, labourer, from Drumadarra and a son of Samuel Semple, labourer, on 17 JUN 1881, at Kilbride Presbyterian Church, within the registration district of Newtonabbey, and by license. In the record Rose is noted as being a mill worker resident at Ballyvoy, and like Hugh, of full age. The witnesses were Robert Beggs and Hessee Warwick, and the officiating minister was Robert Allison (Source: GRONI M/1881/P1/2079/3/74).
In the 1901 census for house no. 35 in Kilbride, Co. Antrim, Rose was noted as a 42 year old housewife, Presbyterian and able to read and write. Her husband Hugh was also 42 and general labourer. Also present were her children, 19 year old Samuel (flax dreser), 17 year old Annie (yarn reeler), 16 year old Jane (yarn reller), 14 year old James (scholar), 11 year old John (scholar), 9 year old Allen (scholar), 7 year old Martha (scholar) and 5 year old Hessie, all from County Antrim, bar Annie, who was born in Scotland (Source: National Archives of Ireland 1901 census).
In 1911, Rose was recorded as 52 years old, married for 29 years, and the mother of 8 children, all of them still alive. Her husband Hugh was now a gravyard sextion, aged 52, and seven children were present - Annie, aged 27 (linen yarn reeler), Jane, 26 (linen yarn reeler), James, 24 ('building cloth bleach green'), John, 21 ('frame man, cloth bleach green'), Allen, 19 (general labourer), Martha, 17 (linen yarn reeler) and Hessie, 15 (linen yarn reeler). All were Presbyterian, from Co. Antrim, and all could read and write. The children were all unmarried (Source: National Archives of Ireland, 1911 census).
Rose's husband Hugh died on 1 OCT 1922, and was buried alongside several family members in the family plot at Kilbride Cemetery, Doagh (Source: DiscoverEverAfter.com, Kilbride Cemetery plot information). 
Rose eventually died on 27 APR 1938 at Doagh. She was noted as a 76 year old widow of Hugh Semple, labourer, who had suffered from myocarditis for seven days and then cardiac failure. Her son Samuel was present at death and acted as the informant on the following day (Source: GRONI D/1938/5/1001/18/104 Doagh). Rose was buried alongside her husband and a few of her children and grandchildren at Kilbride Cemetery, Doagh (Source: DiscoverEverAfter.com, Kilbride Cemetery plot information).
Samuel Semple
b: 15/7/1881
Samuel was born on 15 JUL 1881 in Co. Antrim, Ireland (Source: GRONI U/1881/5/1001/8/361 Antrim).
Annie Semple
b: abt 1883
Annie was born in Scotland, as recorded in the 1901 census for Kilbride, Co. Antrim. She was further noted as a 17 year old yarn realler, Presbyterian and able to read and write.
Annie appears never to have married and passed away 22 SEP 1951. She was buried in the same plot as her parents in Kilbride Cemetery, Doagh, though is not mentioned on the headstone (Source: DiscoverEverAfter.com, Kilbride Cemetery plot information)
Jane Semple
b: 2/1/1885
Jane was born on 2 JAN 1885 in Co. Antrim, Ireland (Source: GRONI U/1885/3/1001/8/103 Antrim).
Jane died age 33 on 25 NOV 1918. The Discover Ever After website (www.discovereverafter.com) notes that she was buried in Kilbride Cemetery, Doagh, with the headstone bearing the following inscription:
Hugh Semple, Kilbride
In memory of his daughter
Who died 25th November 1918,
Age 33 years
Also two grandchildren,
Who died in infancy.
James Semple
b: 21/11/1886
James was born on 21 NOV 1886 in Co. Antrim, Ireland (Source: GRONI U/1886/3/1001/9/40 Antrim).
John Semple
b: abt 1889
John was born in Co. Antrim about 1889, as noted in the 1901 census for Kilbride. In this he was described as an 11 year old Presbyterian scholar who could read and write. 
Allen Semple
b: 10/5/1891
Allen was born on 11 MAY 1891 in Co. Antrim, Ireland (Source: GRONI U/1891/5/1001/12/384 Antrim).
Martha Semple
b: 15/8/1893
Martha was born in Co. Antrim, Ireland, on 15 AUG 1893 (Source: GRONI U/1893/5/1001/13/339 Antrim).
Hessie Semple
b: 2/1/1896
Hessie was born on 2 JAN 1896 in Co. Antrim, Ireland (Source: U/1896/5/1001/14/310 Antrim).

Agnes Beggs
b: abt 1845  d: 6/3/1918
Agnes was Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's four times great grandmother.
Agnes married David Bill on November 22nd 1867 at Kilbride Presbyterian Church, County Antrim, Ireland. Agnes' father, John Beggs, was a labourer, whilst she was resident at Ballyhamage townland within the parish, and noted as a spinster. David was noted as a farmer, as was his father, John Bill, of full age, and resident at Ballyvoy (aka Duncansland).  The marriage was performed by the Reverend W, Orr, and by license, with the witnesses listed as Alexander McAuley and Martha Beggs. The couple subsequently moved to Belfast, and took up regular worship at Berry Street Presbyterian Church.   
In the 1901 census for Belfast, Agnes is located at house number 14 in Suir, within Clifton, noted as a 55 year old housewife from Co. Antrim. David was noted as a 56 year old Presbyterian general labourer, able to read and write, married and also from County Antrim. With them were the family of their 26 year old daughter Mary Mullan (nee Bill) - her 27 year old dock labourer husband William Mullan, from Co. Antrim, and their children, 6 year old Margaret and 1 year and nine months old Archibald. (Source: 1901 census, NAI).
In 1911 the record notes that she was resident at house 61 on Bann Street, was 65 years old, had been married to David for 43 years, and had had five children born alive, of which three were still living. Under place of birth both Agnes and David had City of Belfast noted. David was noted as a 65 year old 'labourer house repairs'. Their eleven year old grandson Archibald was also present, also from Belfast, a Presbyterian, and a scholar who could read and write. (Source: 1911 census, NAI).
Agnes eventually passed away on 6 MAR 1918 at 44 Bann Street Belfast. The death certificates notes her age as being 73, and the cause was chronic bronchitis and cardiac failure. She was noted further as the wife of David Bill, labourer, who was the informant to the registrar on the same day, and noted as being present at her death (Source: GRONI D/1918/49/1007/94/451 Belfast Urban 3).
David eventually died on May 20th 1925.
Children of Agnes BEGGS and David BILL:
Elizabeth Bell
b: 28/3/1868
Calum's, Jamie's and Pippa's three times great grandmother - see the Bill page.
(Unnamed) Bill
b: 17/3/1869
(Unnamed) Bill
b: 13/6/1870
Martha Jane Bill
b: 1/7/1872
Martha was born on July 1st 1872, and her birth registered in Belfast urban district no.9.
Mary Bill
b: 19/10/1874
Mary was born on October 19th 1874.
William David Bill
b: 1/7/1877
William was born on July 1st 1877 at Ballymagary, Belfast Urban district no. 9, Co. Antrim, Ireland.

Connecting to Calum and Jamie

Agnes Beggs married David Hill in 1867.

Daughter, Elizabeth Bill, married Thomas Smyth in 1888.

Son, William McKeever Smyth, married Annie Eveline Lesley Watton prior to 1922.

Daughter, Martha Jane Elisabeth Watton Smyth, married Ernest Graham in 1943

Daughter, Charlotte Harper Graham, married Colin Paton in 1969

Son, Christopher Mark Paton, married Claire Patricia Giles in 2000

Sons, Calum Graham Paton and Jamie Christopher Paton